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If we can tell anything is, that Dubai is really a kid-centred city, with lots of fun and attraction for the younger generation and with a high attention to having play areas, playground and plenty of children’s fun parks all around the city, in order to keep them busy and learn while playing all the time. Therefore, when it comes to kids clothes, Dubai is definitely on the first place for those, who would like to buy kids clothes of all brands, from the most luxurious to the most affordable brands all the same. In our article, we will browse through all the downtown shopping malls to check out on their respective offer on kids’ clothes.

Kids' clothes can be categorised by age groups basically, starting from newborn lasting up to around 12-14 years of age. We can differentiate two sorts of kids’ clothes stores, the ones that offer clothes only for babies and toddlers, and those which offer clothes from 0 to 12 years of age. In Dubai, the business of kids’ clothes is flourishing, especially because all the elite class parents can luckily afford to choose from the very best luxury kids clothes brands in the world. As the choice on kids clothes is so huge, this time we will enlist some of the best kids stores which you can find in the Dubai, which is by far the richest in terms of kids clothes stores.

Dubai Mall is by far the best choice to choose, when it comes to kid’s clothes in Dubai. The huge mall has a fantastic variety of kid’s clothes stores that contains high profile brand stores to mixed brand stores all the same. Here, you can browse among the largest variety of kids’ clothes. Let us see some of the best stores that you can get to find here, as in lack of space, we are unable to enlist all of these.

Adams Kids - Although not a high profile brand, Adams Kids offers real quality clothes for kids aged from 0 to 10. You can get to find a large variety of garments in the store and most importantly, they offer such clothes that are made of quality materials and offer the most comfortable wear for the children. Adams Kids also follows the latest trends in terms of colours and styles.

Angels - Managed by the large Rivoli Group which is slowly becoming Dubai’s number one jewellery and luxury retail company, this store contains a large variety of the most expensive highest quality baby and kids’ clothes from such elite brands as Kenzo, Burberry, Dior, Ferre, Boss, Laura Biagiotto and many others. You can get to find her clothes for kids’ aged 0-12 years old. This is one of the highest visited stores by Dubai’s elite parents who look for kids’ and baby clothes.

Armani Junior - When it comes to style and fashion, we know that Italy is one of the best countries in the world in terms of style and fashion. Armani is among the top designers in the world. The kids’ clothes collection of Armani is great and contains not only elegant but also contains sporty kids’ clothes in great colours containing some really cute items. When it comes to special garments for those having the budget for it, we really suggest checking out Armani Junior in the Dubai Mall. You can get to find clothes here for kids from 0 to 14 years of age.

'Bubbles 'n Giggles' - Bubbles ’n Giggles is one of the best boutique in Dubai Mall, when it comes to kids’ clothes. The fantastic variety of brands and clothes here is amazing and you can get to shop here clothes from 0 up to 14 years of age. Some of the most well known brands the store offers include Hello Kitty, Rocco Barocco, Alberta Ferretti, Fleurisse and Simonetta.

Burberry Children - If you want your kid to look classy in British style, then do not hesitate to check out the great clothes of Burberry Children, often made or decorated with the brand’s signature tartan pattern. It is one expensive store but definitely worth checking out. Burberry’s children section can be found inside the Dubai Mall’s large Burberry store.

Benetton Kids - The Italian brand has some of the best and funniest clothes for babies, kids and teens in great quality and huge variety sold for a mid-ranged price. If you look for kids clothes, you should definitely not miss checking out Benetton’s Kids collection.

Chateau de Sable - This is one of the coolest brands of kids’ clothes in France and has become extremely popular all around the world. Focusing primarily on the younger age groups Bateu du Sable offers fantastic quality fun and chic kids’ clothes for kids up to 12 years of age. The specialty of the store is in its materials, which include many that were made without the use of any synthetic additions, offering the healthiest choice for clothes.

Christian Dior Kids - The most expensive and luxurious brand for ladies fashion is here to offer some of the most beautiful and highest quality kids’ clothes in the world. From Dior Kids to Baby Dior you can get to find a great range of clothes in here. We know most parents cannot afford these fantastic clothes, therefore we suggest you to pay a visit here when there is a shopping festival or seasonal sales in order to find one or two single clothes, to make you and your kid happy wearing a real Dior garment.

Diesel Kids - It is the epitome of how to create playful and comfortable kids’ clothes that look simply cool and nothing of over trendy. Made out of good quality and durable materials Diesel Kids invites all kids to go on an adventure exploring the world’s little wonders. You will see some motivation gained from cartoons, pirates, space suits and all the rest that brings adventure in the life of our kids.

Fendi Kids - Offering elegant and classy garments, mostly for special occasions, Fendi Kids collection is great in terms of materials, in terms of style yet definitely not the best wear for the playgrounds. The high profile shop is the only one of Fendi in Dubai and it is well worth visiting to get amazed by the beauty of Italian design. Check out Fendi Kids situated in the huge Dubai Mall.

The Salam Kido - This is a popular multibrand boutique that is famous all over Dubai to visit, offering a whole bunch of well-known brands, from 0 to 12-year-old kids. Check it out if you do not have too much time to visit each brand boutique one by one.

Ralph Lauren Kids - If you want great clothes for your kids that are as trendy as they are comfortable for all occasions, then check out the fantastic variety of Ralph Lauren kids, a great boutique, offering kids clothes for non sky-high prices with a special inspiration from navy and yacht clothing. From sporty to special occasions, you can find everything in Ralph Lauren Boutique, located only in Dubai Mall.

I Pinco Pallino - One of the best kids-only clothing brand coming straight from Italy, I Pinco Pallino is famous all over the world having stores in the world’s big cities and offering its clothes in further 400 multi-brand and department stores. You can get to find all sorts of clothes in the store from sporty to elegant garments for the age group of 0-12. Check out this great brand store for high quality goods.

Okaidi - It is a well-known name in the Dubai market of kids’ clothes having boutiques in most of Dubai’s shopping malls offering quality kids’ clothes from the age of 5 up to 14 years of age. Okaidi has its alone standing brand for baby and toddlers’ clothes. The practicality of Okaidi’s clothes in undeniable and their price is more than inviting. Therefore, Okaidi stores have a huge fanbase in Dubai. Visit one of its biggest stores in the Dubai Mall.

Tommy Hilfiger Kids - The brand is famous for the creating of sporty yet elegant garments, with the inspiration taken from classic yachting and tennis garments. Tommy Hilfiger Kids is as stylish as it gets and most importantly it doesnt offer its clothes and shoes for sky-high prices. The kids’ clothes are highly wearable out on the street and for playgrounds and they are designed to be overly comfortable. Tommy Hilfiger offers kids’ clothes from 0 up to 12 years of age.

Department stores - Dubai is packed with department stores that have their own respective kids’ garments departments where you can browse from among dozens of brands. The best examples include Debenhams, the Bloomingdales’ in Dubai Mall, the Galleries Lafayette and Saks Fifth Avenue, with each one offering a huge variety of kids and baby garments for every age. If you are looking for quality and cheap kids clothes in Dubai the best place to visit is the H&M and Zara with both stores having their respective departments of kids’ and baby clothes offering highly affordable and trendy kids clothes for every age group. Each Dubai Shopping mall has their respective range and number of department stores to check out when it comes to finding kids clothes in every price range.

Check out kids clothes in the Dubai Mall or in the shopping mall closest to you. It is not only great fun, but with Dubai being highly kid-conscious you can be sure to find several kids’ clothes stores in every single shopping mall in the city.