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Sports play a very important role in today’s Dubai, which has made clear a couple of years ago, that it has the intention to create some of the world’s biggest and most outstanding sports facilities in its area, in the area of Dubai Sports City. Today, we can find a great deal of sports done regularly in Dubai, ranging from water sports to athletics, gold and horse riding. Therefore, Dubai has a great deal of sports stores where you can get to find sportswear for the respective sport you would like to exercise in Dubai. Let us take a look around to see, where you can find quality sportswear in Dubai and then we will have a section for specialist sportswear and sports tools, such as for golf, surfing or swimming and outdoor explorer.

There are several sportswear stores in Dubai which at one point feature stores offering a great deal of different brands on the other hand you can also get to see a great deal of single-label stores too, from many of the leading brands in the world which include Adidas, Nike, Puma and others. Dubai sportsmen are very brand conscious, which means you can get to find the finest sportswear over here, from the best quality brands, even for such special cases as golf. Let us see which shopping malls feature the biggest range of sportswear stores in Dubai.

Dubai Mall: As it is the best mall in many ways, Dubai Mall has some of the largest collection of stores also when it comes to sportswear, sport tools and other sports apparel. The huge mall features single label stores of the top brands, including Adidas, having even a separate store of Adidas Originals. You can also find here the stores of Puma, Nike, Reebok and Asics, which is one of the best brands when it comes to running shoes and sports shoes. Other places for sportswear include mixed brand stores such as K2 Sports, Stadium Sports. For specialist stores check out Golf House, Sun & Sand Sports, Hamac and for explorer wear and outdoors sportswear check out Timberland, Trespass and Columbia. For normal sportswear, beachwear and trendy beach looks check out the store of Billabong.

Festival City Centre: Standing in the centre of the large brand new residence and trading centre called Festival City, located by the Dubai Creek, the Festival City Centre acts as the main shopping mall of the whole area. Festival City Centre, although located a bit further from the city centre is well worth visiting when it comes to buying sportswear, having some of the biggest deal of sportswear stores in its area. The stores the mall represents include the following names: Adidas, Converse, Billabong, Nike, Quicksilver, Rockport, Sketchers, Sun and Sand Sports. For shoes check out the store Athletes’ Foot, for workout sportswear there is Fitness First and for trendy shoes check out Converse. For outdoors sportswear and explorers’ gear check out Timberland.

Mall of the Emirates: The second biggest shopping mall of Dubai, the Mall of the Emirates represents a great deal of sportswear stores, which include both single brand and multi brand stores. While there are the shoe specialist stores, which include Asics you can find many specialist stores in the mall, which include the following: Rage - the specialist of board sports, such as surfboard, skateboard and snowboard with fitting sportswear. Rip Curl - an Australian brand specialised in selling surfing goods and surf-wear including surfboards. Snow Pro – it is rare to see a brand specialised in selling sportswear and sport tools for snow sports in the Middle of the desert, yet it is possible as you can find this great specialist store in the Mall of the Emirates. Timberland – the specialist in outdoors sports such as hiking, climbing and other explorer activities offers a huge range of specialist clothing and footwear for everyone. Oakley: the best sports accessories brand that offers specialised glasses and sunglasses for snowsports, surfing and other sports together with offering a large deal of electronics and tools which enable sportsmen to listen to music or to measure their heart rate while working out. Golf House: the largest retail of golf tools and sportswear, Golf house offers an immense collection for all fans of golf. Check out the clubs and all the tools and golf shoes that there are to find in this store.

Deira City Centre is located in the centre of Old Dubai, in Deira which is one of the busiest districts of Dubai. The large shopping mall is a huge tourist favourite for housing the biggest Carrefour hypermarket and a huge deal of stores and specialty stores in Dubai. The mall represents a nice deal of sportswear stores, which include single brand stores of Adidas and Puma while multi-brand stores include Pairs, City Sports, and for the fans of beach sports, customers can visit the great store of Sun & Sand Sports.

Mirdif City Centre is a great shopping mall to visit when it comes to sportswear, featuring large stores of the French sports brand Decathlon and Fitness First offering specialty fitness sportswear. The mall is also featuring other sportwear stores such as Ride Bike, a specialty store for the fans of biking, Ipanema, which offers great sport shoes, Rip Curl for surfers and single brand stores of Puma and Reebok featuring great sports shoes and sportswear. For those looking for outdoors hiking and other specialty sportswear, we suggest to visit the store of Jack Wolfskin, which is the only store of the brand in Dubai.

Of course, apart from these mentioned malls, there are so many others to visit in Dubai and these include the all the shopping centres of the downtown like Lamcy Plaza, Ibn Battuta Mall, Mall of Arabia, Al Ghurair Shopping mall, with each one having their own respective brands on offer. Yet, these are the Nr.1 malls in terms of quality sportswear and we highly suggest you to visit one or more of these, if not any other but the Dubai Mall or the Mall of the Emirate to check out on a great deal of sportswear.